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Welcome! We are living history reenactors: those that recreate history to teach the general public about history and the events we portray. We represent the Grenadier Company of the 42nd Foot, The Royal Highland Regiment, as they would have appeared in winter camp, New York, in October of 1776. Our camp impression is that of the Regiment December 17th, 1776 through January 19th, 1777 while in winter garrison around Providence, Rhode Island. Our issue uniform has not been modified, but shows the rigors of both a long sea voyage and of participation in the New York area campaigns.

The original Grenadier Company, under the command of Captain Charles Graham, arrived in New York Harbor aboard the transport H.M.S. Thames, on August 4th 1776. Upon landing, the Company was brigaded with two Grenadier Companies of the 71st Highland Regiment to form the 4th Grenadier Battalion. The three companies were double strength, which is to say that each had (on paper) 100 men as opposed to the usual 50. At the time of our impression, pay vouchers indicated that the Grenadier Company had a real strength of 86 enlisted men, musicians included. Due to the poor condition of the men of the 71st, the 4th Grenadier Battalion was disbanded and the 42nd Grenadiers attached to the 3rd Battalion. At the termination of action in the New York area, the company was returned to the Regiment. The 3rd Battalion disbanded Mar. 31, 1777 and the 42nd Gren. Co. was assigned to the 2nd Brit. Gren. Bn. and the 2nd Grenadiers were stationed at Brunswick. The 42nd Gren. Company was not returned to the regiment until after Monmouth, and then only from July 5 to July 31, 1778. This was our station at the time of our impression.

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